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As Eymen Global, our first priority is to satisfy our customers by designing products that exceed their expectations, apart from meeting the needs of our customers for the shoe and slipper sectors. We make a difference in the sector with different and innovative products by closely following the changing trends and fashion with our government-approved design center team, which is a first in the sector.

We closely follow the developments in raw materials and production technology, the pioneers of the sector in the global arena and prestigious fairs. By integrating technology and fashion with our products, we aim to meet the needs of people today in a versatile way. We are constantly improving our PU (coagulated) and PVC artificial leather products in the shoe and slipper sectors with the investments we make in R & D and technology.

Eymen Global Product Features

  • High strength
  • Hydrophilic
  • Hydrophobic
  • Flame delayer
  • UV Resistance
  • Antibacteriall
  • Soft Touch

Eymen Global Usage Areas

  • Inner Lining
  • Insoles
  • Protection Cover


GMS Range

Raw material type : Polypropilen

Spunbondd (SS) GSM range: 9 g/m2 – 150 g/m2

Production width ( SS ) : 2100 mm, 2400 mm

Colors : Color can be produced upon request.

Eymen Global

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