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Eymen Global offers a wide variety of nonwoven fabrics to be used in the hygiene sector by synthesizing its researcher and innovative spirit with its technical knowledge. It is able to produce spunbond nonwoven with high water column (Hydrostatic) durability, which can best respond to the needs, especially in diapers, Adult hygiene products, underpads, disposable surgical gowns and covers.

Eymen Global's water-absorbent, water-repellent, air or liquid-permeable nonwoven fabrics are used in upper, middle and lower layer processes in diapers, while also producing nonwoven fabrics used in the production of personal care products such as wet wipes, make-up wipe pads and bathroom wipe fabrics.

Eymen Global Product Features

  • High strength
  • Hydrophilic
  • Hydrophobic
  • Flame delayer
  • Antibacteriall
  • Softness

Eymen Global Usage Areas

  • Backsheet
  • Topsheet
  • Leg cuff
  • Front Ear
  • Core Wrap
  • Bottom and Top  tissue
  • Wet Wipes

GMS Range

Raw material type : Polypropilen

Spunbondd (SS) GSM range: 9 g/m2 – 150 g/m2

Production width ( SS ) : 2100 mm, 2400 mm

Spunbond (SMS) GSM range : 10 g/m2 – 150 g/m2

Production width (SMS) : 2400 mm

Colors : Color can be produced upon request.

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